This is a society made to do a noble deed of helping the poor and orphans. We live in a country where we have people born with golden spoons and also people who do not even have the basic amenities of life like food , shelter and clothing. This is just a small effort to help poor people by collecting clothes, food items ,books etc (any item in kind except for money).Our aim is to collect  all necessary sources we can arrange through donation campaigns held in our college. All the things collected our then provided to any orphanage house that needs these things. In 2013 all the donations gathered were send to an Orphanage house named “ManavMandir’ located in Kalu Sarai.This year (i.e. 2014) we our aiming to extend the support not only in orphanage house but also the black spots in any city i.e. the ‘jhugis’ or the slum areas. We just aim to excel in humanitarian services so that we can bring a smile on the face of poor and unwanted. We cannot root out poverty and starvation from our country but a little help at our level would surely help to bring some solace to the afflicted hearts. This is the basic aim that we need this society to excel to the largest extend possible.