Profile: Kumar Vishwaraj

He graduated in 2005 from the institute and is presently working as a Technical Associate at Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Here's an account of a tête-à-tête with him about his exhilerating experiences in the college as well as the interaction with the world....

  • How was your college life?
    Fun. Though we had some tough times, we had to resort to strikes to get our director changed, had to fight to get good faculties, lab set up and some basic amenities, however as compared to life outside the college it was nothing. But the best part of the college were the people, we met some of the best people in the campus who left indelible mark on us. We made some amazing friends, who, I'm sure, would be there for the lifetime.

  • Who was your first crush?
    Don't remember, really. There have been so many crushes that it is difficult to remember the first one.

  • Which ones were your favorite classes?
    I would say Maths classes in first and second year, we were lucky to have been taught by Mr. A.B.Mathur

  • Did you always get best grades in your favorite classes or did you excel in other
    classes instead?

    Undoubtedly best grades were in favorite class

  • Did your strengths match your interests?
    Yes they did and in fact they do..

  • Did you pursue any further studies?
    Have not pursued any further studies yet

  • Where the courses challenging?
    Yes some were really challenging where we couldnt visualize what was going on. The classic example would be Computer Graphics

  • What have been your noted projects?
    There have been many. Like the microcontroller project we did in the 3rd year or the parallel processing one in 4th year. There have been many challenging projects during employed life as well. It would be difficult to enumerate all of them here.

  • Which awards have you received so far?
    Won many awards for public speaking during school days, however the most special so far has been winning an award from the client I'm working for presently.

  • What has been your vision in life?
    Life is a never-ending process of learning.

  • How did you overcome the challenges you have faced so far?
    Just kept this tought deeply ingrained in my mind: "Things cannot be so bad that they could not go worse"

  • What qualities helped you overcome the hurdles?
    Nothing is impossible. Nothing is so difficult that it could not be learnt what is required it perseverance and never say die attitude.

  • What message do you want to give to your juniors?
    Never over-estimate your ability to change others, never under-estimate your ability yourself.

  • Would you like to say a few words for your alma mater?
    A country is as good as it's citizens, similarly a school or college will be as good as it's students. We have to understand our responsibility towards our alma mater. Before we set out to do anything we should keep in mind how would it affect our alma mater.

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