Profile:Sidharth Sehgal

Sidharth Sehgal

He graduated from the institue in 2006 and is presently working as a Systems Engineer at Microsoft India R&D Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad).

Here's an account of a tête-à-tête with him about his exhilerating experiences in the college as well as the interaction with the world....

  • How was your college life?
    College life was really good. I had a lot of fun. Met a lot of nice friends and faculty. Got to learn a lot during my college life.

  • Who was your first crush?
    Lets leave it for the next time

  • Would you like to share some of your most amusing moments in the college?
    Can't recall any particular one, but had a lot of amusing moments during college time. Will list down a few: It was fun to stay back in the college throughout the night during GATES, it was real fun to work hard for the complete duration of GATES (2-3 days) and inspiring to see the huge crowd coming to GTBIT to participate in the various events.
    Also, the Nainital trip we had during the last semester was memorable. We got a cottage in Jim Corbett national park area, which was totally isolated from the other cottages in the resort. To make things scarier, there was an elephant tied just a few feet from the cottage and all the lights of the resort were switched off after 10 PM, as it was a wildlife conservation area. They was no mobile network there too. But we had a lots of fun in the cottage.

  • Did your college help you in pursuing further studies?
    Never went for further studies

  • Which ones were your favorite classes?
    Hmmmmmmmmm….. I used to like the subjects related to Computer Science a lot. Some of them were Data Structures, Network Technologies, Software Engineering.

  • Did you always get best grades in your favorite classes or did you excel in other
    classes instead?

    There were instances when I excelled in my favorite classes, but at times I got higher marks in other subjects.

  • How did it feel to be a member of technical society? Has it helped you in gaining any
    technical potential?

    Technical society was formed to help the students improve their technical competencies, interact and compete with others in the technical field. It was nice to interact with fellow students during the events which were organized by the Technical society. It provided a common platform for me and as well other GTBITians, where they can showcase their talent and skills.

  • Were the courses challenging?
    Some of the subjects were challenging and the typical bad habit of Engineers (studying at the last moment) made it worse at times. But still, it was fun to study for the subjects.

  • Have you done any sort of research work or published any papers?
    We presented a paper on Efficient Email at GATES 2k6. The paper was also shortlisted at Innovision (NSIT), but unfortunately we could not present it there.

  • What have been your noted projects?
    The project which is really close to my heart was It was an online Students Community for GTBITians and remained active for a long time. Apart from that, I did a couple of other projects too which includes the official website for GTBIT and also the websites for GATES. I also did some freelancing projects during my college years for clients like Faculty of Management Studies (FMS).

  • Which awards have you received so far?
    Won a couple of awards at Inter-college Technical Events held at IIT (Delhi), DCE, NSIT, IGIT, MSIT and of course GTBIT

  • What has been your vision in life?
    To excel in the technical field.

  • How did you overcome the challenges you have faced so far?
    You need to be strong when times are tough. Keep fighting the challenges till you overcome them. Keep cool in difficult times and take challenges with a smile. " Face the Sun and you will never have to see the shadows again"

  • What qualities helped you overcome the hurdles?
    Fight till the end, never loose hope, life is not smooth all the time, but we can always give our best shot.

  • What message do you want to give to your juniors?
    Make the best of your college life. It is the period of your life where you can enjoy a lot and also shape your career. Work towards your goals and your dreams, your career starts taking shape right from your college time.

  • Would you like to say a few words for your alma mater?
    I spent the best time of my life at GTBIT. It helped me realize my goals and helped me work towards achieving my dreams.

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