Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

The Computer Science Department is the most versatile department of the college and caters to the needs of other departments as well. This department has got 450 Computers with the latest I-7 configuration.

This Department involves basic Sciences and Engineering subjects at the 1st year level. In the 2nd and 3rd year the core courses of Computer Science and Engineering like Data Structure, Foundation of Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Networking, DBMS, Multimedia Technologies and Applications, Data Warehousing and Mining, Algorithm Design and Analysis and Distributed Operating Systems are offered.

In the final year advanced courses of Computer Engineering like Compiler Construction, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Network Technology, Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, Network Management and Security and Embedded Systems are offered.

Emphasis is given to:

Development of live projects by the students and improving the programming skills of students.

Strengthening of research and project development.

Faculty development and training in latest softwares like Rational Rose,, Data Warehousing and Mining Packages etc.

To impart quality engineering education to the students by providing effective teaching, learning, research and application based innovative environments.

The department takes immense interest in conducting professional activities such as workshops, seminars and expert lectures to meet the challenges of the IT industry.

This department has Computer Labs in the form of state-of-the-art IBM computers, with the latest softwares and internet facilities. Student computer ratio is 1:1.


Dr. Ashish Bhardwaj

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