Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC)

Established for Enhancing the Relationship between the Institute and Industry

Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) is established for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry

Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) is established for enhancing the relationship between the institute and industry. This cell identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops and various other industrial training programmes. Organising such IIPC's in institution makes an effective contribution to educational system rather than criticizing shortcomings which are expected by the industry. Industry Institute partnerships reflects in equipping faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing technologies. The primary focus of IIPC is to interact with elite industries in Delhi and NCR, and extend the efforts in establishing partnership with industries across the country in near future.

The objective of the IIP Cell is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic offerings (theory) by direct involvement of industry to attain a symbiosis.

Indian industry at present has reached the most crucial turning point where it has to face the dynamic demands of the competitive domestic and global markets through the provisions of high quality products and services. To survive and succeed in this new scenario, the input that is most essential is the human resource. As technologies change rapidly, retraining and updating of the work force continuously are becoming major challenges faced by our country.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology (G.T.B.I.T.) has setup an Industry Institute Partnership Cell for the above purpose. Industries and Technical Institution have a strong mutuality of interest which forms the basis of a partnership between them. The institute has set up an Industry-Institute Partnership Cell with the following objectives:

Developing close links between Industry-Institute by interaction programs. High priority is given to activities-designed to bring about improvement in the performance of industries.

Mobilizing industrial personnel - A partnership approach Identifying the present day requirements for professionals and meeting the future human resource needs.

Disseminating technical advances through informal educational techniques. Training the shop floor personnel's through continuing education programmes. Publishing and issuing technical bulletins newsletter and course material with latest technological developments.

Organizing seminars, symposium, exhibitions and workshops.

Collaborating with other societies (National and International) having similar objectives.

Widening and effectively implementing the area of R&D and consultancy.


  • Grafiesto
  • Medicians Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • GitAllTech

GTBIT-IIPC Activities

  • Arranging industrial training for students and faculty members.
  • Identifying the opportunities for student project work in Industries.
  • Encourages the department level tie-ups or MoUs with Industries for the mutual benefit.
  • Research and development activities with industry.
  • Promoting consultancy activities, training courses for industry people. Enrich the teaching learning process through identified industrial training / visit.
  • Planning for student's industrial visits.
  • Inviting industry experts for guest lectures, seminars and expertise sharing.

Action Plan

In order to achieve the stated Aim and Objectives, GTBIT-IIPC will broadly be engaged in the following activities:

  • To identify the scientific and technical requirements of the "industry", in which R&D work can be taken up by GTBIT-IIPC.
  • To promote synergetic partnership between Industry and GTBIT for taking up joint research programmes involving the students of GTBIT.
  • To conduct relevant R&D activities within or outside the premises of GTBIT with the involvement of students and the faculty of GTBIT under the supervision/guidance of experts from outside GTBIT.
  • To motivate and involve students of GTBIT in the relevant R&D activities of this Cell with an aim to transform these graduating engineers into professional engineers who are usefully employable by the Industry.
  • To organise lectures, interactive workshops, conferences, seminars, brain storming sessions, technical discussions, consultancy sessions, training, orientation courses, meetings, visits etc., and involving members of the Industry, outside experts, eminent personalities, faculty and students of GTBIT.
  • To generate resources- financial, material and human, both from within and outside GTBIT for creating very high-quality infrastructure and research facilities within and outside the GTBIT premises.
  • To take up sponsored projects from Industry and other funding agencies
  • To take up Industry-based projects funded by AICTE, DST, DRDO, CSIR and other funding agencies.
  • To fund some projects and sub-projects to outside agencies including Academia, in order to conduct these relevant R&D activities smoothly and efficiently within or outside the premises of GTBIT with the involvement of students and the faculty of GTBIT under the supervision of outside experts.
  • To provide technical consultancy services to/from the industry.
  • To invite expert members of the Industry to GTBIT to spend varying durations as Guest Faculty members/Research Supervisors/ Technical Consultants etc. with other Engineering Colleges and Technical Institutes where such interactive research programmes are running successfully.
  • To share the experience, through exchange of lectures, visits and meetings etc.
  • To access periodically the scientific and technological scenario in India and abroad in order to translate it into action for taking up R&D work.
  • To help students of GTBIT in getting suitable placements in industries/companies/other employing organization in the Government and Private Sectors based on the R&D work carried out by these students, within or outside GTBIT and facilitated by GTBIT-IIPC.
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