Munistry, the model united nations socities


Founded on : September 12, 2017
Active : Yes
Teacher Incharge : Gurveen Singh
Student Incharge : Gurpreet Singh

About Munistry, the model united nations socities

The Model United Nations' Society of Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology aims to make students aware of the very recent style of group discussion and debating which involves imitating the United Nations Organization.Founded in February 2012, The Model United Nations' Society (MUNistry) brought pride and laurels to the college by organizing one of the best , by far the largest Model UN conference, at a collegiate level in India - INDRAPRASTHA UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2012 ( ( Convener, Gurveen Singh Grover's support in the process from taking this society from scratch to what it is today has been eminent. Having won many MUN conferences, Angad S Madan, Co-founder and President of the society believes that such a conference does not only inculcate Technical -logical thinking and increases knowledge, but also promotes an opportunity to know students from various colleges across India, which inturn proves to be a brilliantly helpful social network. Each student represents a country in a committee and debates upon the agenda. Might sound a little different but MUNistry believes that this is THE cup of tea for everyone. How would you have shaped the world future, otherwise? Live the lives of leaders. Face world problems. Solve them. Be the leader.

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