"Art is not a thing,it's a way"

Founded on : May 30, 2018
Active : Yes
Teacher Incharge : Mrs Prachi Dewan
Student Incharge : Siddharth Chugh

About Prisma

PRISMA, the fine arts society of GTBIT was established in September 2019 by Siddharth Chugh. It is the first official fine arts group to come into existence in the college. As a society, Prisma believes that technology and creativity go hand in hand, and thus, its aim is to inculcate a spirit of creativity through facilitating the artistic vision of fellow students and organizing events that encourage them to think out of the box and find their creative potential.

PRISMA organizes various competitions in sketching, rangoli, graffiti, cartooning, digital design, and much more. It also very efficiently takes up the responsibility and onus of decorations and organization during annual college events like the college fest (GATES), the freshers’ (AAGMAN), and the farewell (RUKHSAT).

The creative art, the beautiful stage decor, and the colorful information displays created by the members at these events add a special touch to all college events.

Our Students are Placed in Top IT Companies