Technical Society of GTBIT Learn by doing

Founded on : August 31, 2016
Active : Yes
Teacher Incharge : Mukesh Sahu
Student Incharge : Mohini Tanwar

About Technical Society of GTBIT

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning -Benjamin Franklin"

Started in 2002 with the aim to nurture scientific talent and create a technophilic arena, TSG or The Technical Society of GTBIT over the span of 9 years endeavours to provide ample opportunities for the young tech-minds to innovate a world of there own with the finest technical knowledge covering every aspect of Engineering and related fields.

Our achievements so far

TSG has launched its website, wherein every essential and minute technical happenings and information around the world can be retrieved by a user.

TSG has started its wall magazine.

Formation of a Research and Development Lab wherein students are encouraged to develop small projects and are encouraged to take up new and innovative projects. The lab has state of art facilities and is available 24 X 7 for the students.

Design and development of MICRO-CONTROLLER kits portable as well as for lab purposes.

TSG has been organizing every technical event in the annual college fest – GATES which sees students competing from various prestigious institutions and universities such as IIT’s, Delhi University, BITS and IPU etc.

TSG has also organized excursion trips and industrial visits to make the students cognizant of the engineering world.

TSG has also initiated numerous guest lecturers, workshops and seminars with invaluable interaction with experts in there fields.

TSG has conducted various technical competitions like NET-CRUNCH, NEOLOGIC, RAMPAGE, ROYAL RUMBLE to provide a platform for students throughout the capital to put forward their technical skills and framework.

Future targets

Realizing the utmost need of surpassing this ‘recession’ time and to make our institution renowned for its hybrid mixture of different technical aspects and untapped potential, we the members of TSG are constantly pushing our minds to make things bigger, better and impactful. This Semester onwards we have formulated the following groups, to improve the functionality and improvise the concept of “learning by doing”, each group will be organising minimum of two events making a total of 14 events in each semester, moreover each group will organise guest lectures from industrial experts and senior faculties from distinguished colleges.

Our Students are Placed in Top IT Companies